Would you like worms with your bannock?

Fear Factor contestants battle revulsion at Toonik Tyme


Fresh caribou, greasy bannock and live cockroaches washed back with worm juice were among the treats served up to Iqalummiut participating in Toonik Tyme events this year.

Those last items were served during this year’s “Fear Factor,” held in the curling rink on Wednesday, April 19. Contestants ate bugs, stomped worms into juice that they drank, and then lay handcuffed in a wooden box while cockroaches, blood and other nasty substances were dumped over their bodies.

The winner, Peter Takpanie, won $3,000 and a trip for two to Ottawa.

One night earlier, residents and visitors enjoyed a more wholesome meal of caribou and seal during a community feast inside the Parish Hall.

And later, this past Saturday, men and women showed off to see who could make the fastest snack of bannock and tea.

Elisapee Ikkidluak won the bannock-making contest on Saturday, followed by Rose Ugjuk and Helen Klengenberg. Noah Kelly won the tea-boiling contest that day, followed by Roland Aggark, George Audlakiak and Bob Hanson.

Jonah Saimaiyuk won the award for the most bannock eaten that day.

The snowmobile uphill climb drew crowds behind the hospital on Thursday, April 20.

Luke Wilman won the open class competition, followed by Luc Pothier and Qavavou Mikidjuk. Ricky Issaluk won the under 700 CC category, followed by Jeremiah Veevee and Eegeesiak Arnimiuq. And Wendy Lee won the lady’s competition, followed by Kuvik Netser and Jessee Veevee.

Eva Akpaliakluk caught the first fish of the day during the fishing derby on Thursday, April 20, while Susie Baines caught the most fish – three of them – as well as the biggest one, weighing in at close to half a pound.

The ice sculpture competition held that day only attracted three carvers this year, who were all given awards. Jackie Takpannie won best in show, Ruben Kumangapik won best original creation, and Allan Sheutiapik won best movement in ice.

Todd Gardner won men’s top score in the ice golfing open on Friday, April 21. Jill Melanson made the top women’s score.

Paul Crowley won the dogsled race across the bay and back on Saturday, completing the 60-km route in just over four hours. Joshua Kango came in second, followed by Lew Philip.

There was enough snow to build igloos on after all, despite a slushy lead-up to spring. The competition took place on Saturday behind the Nunavut Arctic College Nunatta campus.

But this year’s annual snowmobile race to Kimmirut and back, the Nunavut Snow Challenge, was cancelled because of liability concerns.

Volunteer Tom Bragard, who works for the Government of Nunavut’s motor vehicle division, said his deputy minister told him not to comment on the matter.

“I have been directed by my DM to abstain from being spokesperson for the organization,” he said.

The Toonik Tyme committee continued to compile results for other events past the deadline of Nunatsiaq News.

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