You can say that again!: Some of the best quotes from 2022

From ‘the stanky leg’ to an emotional trip to France in search of justice, this was a quotable year

Gov. Gen. Mary Simon, left, is welcomed by childhood best friend and sister-in-law Louisa Berthe May with a warm embrace during her tour of Nunavik in May. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Nunatsiaq News

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from stories we covered that informed, amused and inspired us in 2022.

Then-mayor Kenny Bell was confronted by a stranger outside Iqaluit’s Northmart in April. (Photo by David Venn)


“I popped him in the jaw with a left, he did the stanky leg and then ran away. I went and did my shopping. End of story.” Then-mayor of Iqaluit, Kenny Bell, recounting on social media how he was approached by a stranger who challenged him to fight outside the Northmart on April 22


“I have eight younger siblings back at home, so I wanted to make them feel proud …. So I just kind of settled into that mindset, and all of my nervousness faded away.” Chasity St. John, 18, of Arviat, a wrestler on Team Nunavut at the Canada Summer Games in August, describing how she dealt with nervousness before her first match


“It was an in-and-out like you won’t believe.” Russ Johnson, of Aupaluk, describing the half-day visit by MP Sylvie Bérubé in October, her first trip to Nunavik since being elected to serve the region in 2019


“I look, I see the hole in the window, and then I see the kids running behind Northmart. I drove [my passenger] home and said, ‘OK, that’s it for me tonight.’” — Iqaluit taxi driver Amir Javaheri, in June, describing the city-wide problem of taxis being targeted by people throwing rocks


“We were here first.” An Ottawa resident opposed to the planned construction of a new Larga Baffin facility near her home, during a virtual town hall meeting in April. Larga Baffin is a boarding facility for Nunavummiut who have to travel to Ottawa for advanced medical care


Singer Elisapie performed at Kuujjuaq’s Aqpik Jam Music Festival in August. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois, special to Nunatsiaq News)

“Sometimes life will give you signals, and if you are attentive enough, you care enough, and you are ready to risk enough, it will take you to places.” Singer Elisapie, in August describing how her move to Montreal was the right move at the right time for her career


“It bolts me awake at night that she didn’t have a peaceful transition to the beyond.” Roland Salm, whose sister, Elisabeth Salm, was killed by Tyler Hikoalok in 2018, speaking in December following Hikoalok’s conviction for first-degree murder which carries with it a life sentence.


“I told him who I was, who my father was. I told him that he ruined my dad’s life. That I don’t have a dad anymore because of him.” Tanya Tungilik, daughter of the late Marius Tungilik who had accused disgraced priest Johannes Rivoire of sexually abusing him when he was younger. Tanya Tungilik was part of the delegation that travelled to France in September to confront Rivoire


“I’m really happy that my students get to see an Inuk as governor general for the first time. They’re really excited and I’m proud of that, too.” Mathoora Uthayakumar, a Grade 4 teacher in Inukjuak, during Gov. Gen. Mary Simon’s homecoming to Nunavik in May


“The era of Ottawa overriding Indigenous nations, Indigenous governments, for resource development projects in the North, is over.” — Federal Northern Affairs Minister Daniel Vandal, describing his reasons for rejecting Baffinland Iron Mines Corp.’s expansion plan for its Mary River mine in November


“The minister’s decision has immediate and significant implications for the current Mary River operations and our workforce of 2,500 people.” — Baffinland CEO Brian Penney, in November following rejection of the company’s mine expansion plan


Pope Francis ended his week-long visit through Canada with a stop in Iqaluit on July 29. (File photo by Corey Larocque)

“I want to tell you how very sorry I am and to ask for forgiveness for the evil perpetrated by not just a few Catholics in these schools who contributed to the policies of cultural assimilation.” Pope Francis, speaking in Iqaluit on July 29 before about 1,000 people gathered outside Nakasuk Elementary School


“I think he said that apology directly from his heart. And he could feel our pain and our memories, and I think that is what counts.” — Paul Quassa, one of the residential school survivors who met privately with Pope Francis in Iqaluit on July 29





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  1. Posted by NTI on

    “Give us more money.” -NTI

  2. Posted by Pork Pie on

    “The era of Ottawa overriding Indigenous nations, Indigenous governments, for resource development projects in the North, is over.”

    This was the right approach for the Federal government to take. Yet, the imaginary will of ‘Inuit’ on the matter was never altogether clear.

    That is not the fault of the Feds. To me it appears to be a product of an unclear system of decision making and responsibility that also showed us all the aversion of our leaders to participation the decision-making process. Does anyone know, even now, what our Premiers opinion on the project is?

    Such an unimaginable lack of leadership on such an important project for the territory would be completely intolerable in any other jurisdiction I can think of. This, to me, underscores the political immaturity of Nunavut, a cautionary strike against devolution going forward.

  3. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    Hey look, an election. Don’t ask why.

    Kitikmeot Inuit Association


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