Iqaluit man drapes home in solar panels, whittles May energy bill to one cent

Bert Rose believes his $14K investment will pay for itself in 6 years

Bert Rose has been involved with solar energy since he was 12 years old, when his younger brother bought a solar panel. Now 78, Rose has them draped across his Iqaluit home. He had them installed in August 2021, with help from the Government of Nunavut’s Renewable Energy Homeowners Grant Program. As of March 31,...

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Sky-high training for search-and-rescue workers

Master Cpl. Denis Abazovic (right), a search and rescue technician from 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, sits next to Saroomie Manik, a local Civil Air Search and Rescue Association spotter onboard a CC-130H Hercules aircraft in Resolute Bay. The two were participating in a Canadian Armed Forces search-and-rescue exercise involving bundle drops, parachuting and spotter training last week near Resolute Bay, Pond Inlet, and Sanirajak. Spotters are the search team’s “eyes in the sky,” responsible for visually locating the targets of a search operation. (Photo courtesy of Capt.. Graeme Scott / Canadian Armed Forces).