Environmental groups blast loopholes in Arctic heavy fuel oil ban

Ban's exemptions and waivers could permit so-called “bunker oil” until 2029

A global coalition of environmental organizations called the Clean Arctic Alliance is condemning the International Maritime Organization’s Nov. 20 passage of an Arctic heavy fuel oil ban—saying it’s so full of loopholes, it’s meaningless. Heavy fuel oil, or HFO, is a tar-like substance used as a marine fuel. It’s difficult to clean up if spilled...

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Collecting kimminait

Malaya Qaunirq Chapman took this photo while picking berries on Sept. 27 in Quurngualuk, a hunting camp about an hour from Kuujjuaq. The berries are known as lingonberries, partridgeberries, mountain cranberries, or in Inuktitut, kimminait. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Crowberry jackpot

Isabelle Dubois of Kuujjuaq took this photo while berry-picking on Sept. 15. “They are crowberries, or what we like to call just black berries,” she writes. “They’re really easy to pick, especially with the homemade tool I was using, which is like a comb.” (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)


Changing colours outside Kuujjuaq

Isabelle Dubois took this photo of the autumn landscape near Kuujjuaq while out berry-picking on Sept. 15. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Beautiful day for berry picking

Isabelle Dubois took this photo of her two huskies while out berry picking on Sept. 15. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Hello, snow

“Kuujjuamiut woke up to snow this morning!” writes Malaya Qaunirq Chapman today. “Before lunchtime, Annie Sequaluk’s excited Kindergarten class made a snowman to welcome the snow that seems to be staying for the rest of the year.” (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Starry night

David Kakuktinniq of Rankin Inlet took this photo of the night sky on Sept. 18. “It was a dark night in #Nunavut, check out the Milky Way! With a hint of northern lights,” he writes.

Northern lights put on a show over Iqaluit

Blaine Heffernan captured this image of the northern lights above Iqaluit on Monday, Sept. 21. “It was a clear, crisp night to enjoy the magic of the Aurora!” (Photo by Blaine Heffernan)