A ‘good afternoon’ in Igloolik

Michael Irngaut and his nephew, Calvin Irngaut, caught 2 qamutiks full of Arctic char in 6 days

Igloolik residents had the chance to take home some Arctic char caught by Michael Irngaut Monday afternoon. The result of Irngaut’s six-day fishing trip with his nephew, Calvin Irngaut, was two qamutiks filled with more fish than Michael could count. He said he normally tries to do this trip once a year, sometimes twice if he doesn’t catch enough the first time. “I try to catch bigger so I won’t have to go back up,” he said, adding the distance to his fishing spot is more than 100 kilometres from town. “A lot of people came to pick up some fish. It was a good afternoon.” (Photo by Michael Irngaut)

Sports are back in Iqaluit

Teams from the Koojesse Hockey League returned to play for the first time in more than 2 months

Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc. forward Matt Norman (77) bears down on Northern Guardian goaltender Paul Dainton, right, while he plays the puck away from his net. Northern Guardian ended up beating QPI 10-2 in Iqaluit’s Arnaitok Arena Thursday evening. This was the Koojesse Hockey League’s first week back to gameplay since Dec. 22, when chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson implemented health restrictions due to a COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo by David Venn)


Nunavut’s legislative assembly lights up for the holidays

Nunavut’s legislative assembly got festive over the holiday season, as part of the Christmas Lights Across Canada program. In its 37th year, capital cities across the country will light up prominent buildings in a similar way until Jan. 7, 2022. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, “these lights are a reminder of our bright future and better days in the year ahead,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a statement. (Photo by David Venn)