2 men charged with attempted murder in Kinngait

RCMP find ‘seriously injured’ woman outside police detachment

Police in Kinngait charged two men with attempted murder after finding a “seriously injured” woman outside the hamlet’s RCMP detachment shortly after midnight Thursday. (File photo by David Venn)

By Nunatsiaq News

Police charged two men with attempted murder in Kinngait after discovering a woman with serious injuries outside the hamlet’s RCMP detachment on Thursday.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, police in Kinngait were alerted to a woman outside the detachment, an RCMP news release issued Saturday states.

The woman was medevaced to the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit for treatment of her injuries.

Police arrested and charged Archie Toonoo, 30, and Laimiki Toonoo, 23, with attempted murder.

Both men were remanded into custody and are scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 2 in Iqaluit.


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(14) Comments:

  1. Posted by napatchie on

    this is embrassing maybe you should’nt be post the names!!

    • Posted by Qaujigiatugatchi on

      They deserve to have their name out for doing that!

    • Posted by Uninformed on

      Why is this embarrassing for you? The only people that should be embarrassed are the 2 ‘men’ who left a woman outside a police station and are now charged with attempted murder. They deserve to have their names published 100%.

      • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

        The announcement does not say nor indicates how the woman got to the detachment. The two alleged criminals may not have dropped her off there.

    • Posted by Public safety on

      Public safety is more important than feeling embarrassed.
      The names are always public in the Nunavut Court dockets.

    • Posted by jone on

      I totally understand that it must feel super embarrassing and shameful for the family, if that’s what you mean. I’m really sorry if you are family of these alleged attempted murderers. It must be hard for everyone to know, especially in a small community. Unfortunately, many people who are violent don’t ever stop if a light isn’t shone on their actions and everyone always tries to quietly clean up their mess for them. And if shining a light doesn’t change them, at least it sends a message to other offenders that this won’t be tolerated. Another poster mentioned , and I agree, that the safety of others is more important that protecting the names violent offenders.

    • Posted by jone on

      You do realize that people who are charged with any crime have their names listed on the court dockets, which are available for the public to view anytime, complete with court dates and charges at http://dockets.nunavutcourts.ca/
      If a person wants to find out what those charges are in the criminal code, all they have to do is google what the number means in the criminal code. Attempted murder would show up as something like 239(1) on the docket. It is public information and always has been, and that’s how it works all over Canada, not just here.

  2. Posted by DollarBill on

    Are you for real? They’ve been charged with attempted murder!

  3. Posted by Misogyny Kills on

    Violence against women is completely normalized in the north and has become an epidemic.

  4. Posted by pissed off on

    what`s the matter Napatchie ???

    Their names and the name of anybody charged with an offence that is over 18 SHOULD be published always. Maybe that should be a better deterrent for the parents and the offenders than the candy coated punishments handed out by the courts.

    When are the people gonna start to realize that offences like this one are VERY SERIOUS and should not be accepted as somehow part of normal life ?

    People wake up.


  5. Posted by Maddening on

    Urgh! I hope they are sent back to Kinngait after their court is over!
    I feel for the victim’s family, but please send them back home after court!

  6. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    Unless there is a media blackout to protect a vulnerable or underage victim all crimes can be reported in the public media. This is public business and public money which pays for law enforcement and the justice system. I can’t believe someone would actually use the word “embarassing” in any way related to this matter. This us attempted murder and there names should be published publicly.

  7. Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

    Something I have always wondered about.

    We have done away with executions in Canada for fear of executing the wrong person.

    Are we doing the right thing by identifying people who have been charged with a crime and not yet been found guilty before the court?

    What if you are charged for a crime that you know you have not committed?
    What if your alleged crime was reported on Nunatsiaq News and you were berated, put down and the general population wants to hang you.

    Then you went to court and were found not guilty because someone accused you falsely or had no proof.

    In the meantime, the court of public opinion has already found you guilty based on no other factual information
    Your reputation is ruined, You can’t get a job because of that. You have to move yourself and your family from your hometown and hope you can restart your life.

    Now you might want to say in the interest of public safety, we need to publicize the names of alleged murderers.
    True safety is important, but, alleged murderers are not usually released from custody until their trial.

    So far this report from Nunatsiaq News has brought out the hate in people who have found the two men guilty (and they may be) without a fair trial.

    But we see this hate regularly on Facebook and in the anonymous posts here.

    I just wonder sometimes if we are doing this right..

    • Posted by My thoughts on

      Without public being informed its too easy for rumors’ to happen and for a LOT of people/families being wrongfully accused… it could turn people against each other, leaving us to piece together a bunch of rumor’s and half truths that we hear. Then that would leave a LOT of people/families having their reputation ruined instead of the one person who was named as a result of an investigation.

      Also alleged murderers are often released on bail…not always, but often enough. Its my understanding it depends on the severity of the situation and the threat that the accused MAY pose if released. Its important for people to be able to know who to keep their distance from…instead of being in a situation where they are around the person and find out they were charged with the murder of their (relative/friend/coworker) and reacting out of emotions. Knowing allows people to control their space and reactions (in my opinion).

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