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Greenland hunters want more money for sealskin


Greenlandic hunters who make a living from selling sealskins will soon earn even more money for their pelts.

In December, KNAPK (Greenland’s hunters and fishermen’s association) and Greenland Skin Buyers agreed on new, higher prices for sealskin.

As of Jan. 1., a top-quality dried sealskin will sell for 440 Kroner ($88), a second-grade skin will command 300 Kroner ($60), while a fresh skin will go for 205 Kroner ($41).

Sealskin prices will rise again when KNAPK’s request for a subsidy of up to $12 per skin is approved.

Michael Kollgaard Nielsen, director of the Great Greenland fur company, said his company needs about 90,000 skins this year. Last year, Great Greenland bought 86,000 sealskins.

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