Rescue mission underway for stranded Resolute hunter

Man stuck on ice floe drifting in open water


A rescue operation was underway Sunday for a hunter stranded on an ice floe near Resolute Bay.

In a news release, RCMP said Saturday that the man was stuck on a piece of ice that had broken away from the floe-edge and was drifting in open water.

Local searchers, along with the Nunavut Emergency Measures Organization and the military’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax located the man.

A Cormorant helicopter from CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia was en route to pick up the man, who was stranded about 15 kilometres from Resolute Bay, between Griffith Island and Cornwallis Island.

At 10:30 this past Friday, a Hercules aircraft dropped supplies including food, water, shelter, a camp stove with fuel, communication gear and an emergency locator beacon.

Police said the man had a snow machine and limited supplies when he got stranded. They haven’t released his name or age.

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