Kugluktuk hunter found safe and sound

Rescuers praise Ronald Angohiatok for staying with his snowmobile


People in Kugluktuk are overjoyed that a hunter missing on the land for two days returned home in good shape.

Ronald Angohiatok, 35, of Kugluktuk was hunting in the area of Klengenberg Bay when he became lost and ran out of gas on May 15.

When Angohiatok didn’t return to his camp, the Kugluktuk Ground Search and Rescue team was notified, says a May 24 news release from the RCMP.

Eight searchers were dispatched to the area where they encountered fog, rain and a blizzard.

They were able to locate Angohiatok’s snowmobile trail, and on the morning of May 17, they found him with his snowmobile.

Angohiatok was cold and tired, but in good shape, said RCMP media spokesperson, Sgt. Jimmy Akavak.

Police and members of the search and rescue team praised Angohiatok for his survival skills and for following the basic rules — don’t panic
and stay with your machine.

“He didn’t panic and stayed with his machine. He kept hydrated with snow and curled up in a ball to conserve body heat,” Akavak said.

Members of Kugluktuk Ground Search and Rescue team want to remind everyone that travel at this time of the year can still be hazardous “as the weather can change
very quickly and catch you off guard.”

“Always be prepared” is their message to all travellers on the land.

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