3 active COVID-19 cases in Kinngait, worker travel restrictions implemented

Unvaccinated and partly vaccinated workers entering the territory will be required to isolate, with exceptions

Starting Nov. 1, most workers entering Nunavut will be required to be vaccinated to be granted an isolation exemption. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Three COVID-19 cases were still active in Kinngait on Monday, while the Government of Nunavut implemented stricter vaccine policies for workers entering the territory.

The cases in Kinngait account for all of the known active cases in the territory. Over the weekend, the only case in Kugluktuk was listed as resolved, according to the Department of Health’s COVID-19 statistics.

On Monday, the Health Department announced that it will be limiting travel exemptions for unvaccinated workers entering the territory, starting Nov. 1.

Dr. Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief public health officer, said that workers should have the opportunity to get vaccinated back home because they are widely available in southern Canada.

“Minimizing the number of unvaccinated workers travelling to the territory on exemptions will help reduce the risks of COVID-19 coming to Nunavut,” Patterson said in a news release.

Currently, unvaccinated workers can apply for an isolation exemption to enter the territory. Under the new rules, exemptions will only be granted to fully vaccinated workers.

There are two exceptions to the new guidelines. Workers may provide a doctor’s note saying they are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons. Also, workers may get an exemption if “there is sudden and severe damage to critical infrastructure or if a replacement is necessary due to unforeseen illness or injury.”

Unvaccinated or partly vaccinated workers will be required to isolate for 14 days, out of territory, if they don’t meet the one of the two exceptions to the new rules.

The rules for travellers entering the territory for “compassionate” reasons have not changed.

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(2) Comments:

  1. Posted by vaccination or sit at home on

    It’s time to implement these rules!!!
    1. Vaccination or don’t travel. (period)
    2. Vaccination or don’t enter a public area or event (this includes working). (period)
    3. Vaccination. (period)
    Why are we still tippy-toeing around this idea/subject in the north? I’m vaccinated and honestly I’m done fearing that I might give it to someone that may die because of it. I want to get back to living without fear. If you get really sick or god-forbid die and I give it to you and you are unvaccinated then oh-well.
    Anyone who doesn’t get the needle because of something your cousin says is just an idiot.
    Why are we wearing masks still? To protect the idiots? Why are we not allow to have full capacity events yet? To protect the idiots?
    I know someday I’ll probably get Covid one way or another but guess what I’ll get sick then I’ll recover… Stupidest thing ever to keep these restrictions in place.

    • Posted by Baffin on

      Yes of course
      Federal government just changed status for flights within Canada
      Have to be vaccinated double by October 19


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