5 drivers charged in RCMP road safety blitz

Operation Impact 2022 results in suspensions, charges in Iqaluit; effort part of a national campaign

RCMP in Nunavut stopped 1,030 vehicles and charged five drivers during the territory-wide 2022 Operation Impact law enforcement campaign. (File photo)

By Andrea Sakiyama Kennedy

Five Nunavut drivers were charged with impaired driving and six others were handed alcohol-related roadside suspensions from Oct. 7 to Oct. 10 as part of a Canada-wide public awareness campaign aimed at road safety, Nunavut RCMP said in a release Monday.

The four-day blitz was part of Operation Impact 2022, which included Nunavut police as well as police forces across the country.

RCMP detachments in participating Nunavut communities ramped up patrols and their focus on driving infractions during the traffic safety blitz, Sgt. Pauline Melanson of Iqaluit RCMP said in an interview.

Officers were stationed at 42 vehicle checkpoints throughout the campaign and 1,030 vehicles were stopped and checked.

Over the course of the four days, officers dedicated a total of 173 hours to enforcement as part of Operation Impact, which is an annual road safety initiative organized by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

In their local campaigns, police focus on educating drivers and enforcing laws related to impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and wearing seatbelts.


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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by 867 on

    Now we can drive in peace knowing that there won’t be any more DUI checkpoints until next year’s blitz. Seriously, these should be all the time, not just during “impaired driving awareness campaigns”

  2. Posted by So it’s the Cops Fault on

    They are busy enough without the additional stupidity of drunken drivers. The idiots are the problem. You have been preached to and campaigned for decades and the idiots still don’t get it even when they are standing over a freshly dug grave of someone hit by an idiot. I did mention the term Idiot. So you want to comment. At every opportunity call your druken friend an idiot. Do your part.

    • Posted by Northener on

      Let me guess, related to a cop some how. Nobody is saying it’s the cops fault. They’re simply saying more drive programs throughout the year would help. Idiot!

  3. Posted by Northener on

    Every time i drive to the park there is a trail of beer cans but is there ever a check point there in the summer? Quit picking on the drunks at home and start picking on the drunks on the road.

  4. Posted by G-man Choi on

    There is no reason for drinking and driving, there are cabs everywhere here in Iqaluit and it costs $8, if you can’t save $8 to get home, then walk or stay home. Common sense eh! Too bad some people only have common cents.

    • Posted by Uber in Nunavut on

      The article mentions this blitz was also in other communities. Unfortunately, some communities don’t have running taxi’s and even if there were, they can sometimes take over an hour to pick you up assuming they didn’t forget about you.

      The lack/unreliability of taxi’s combined with the inhibition caused by intoxication does contribute to drunk driving.


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