5 Nunavik communities share $29 million for sports, recreation upgrades

Funds from federal, Quebec governments intended for facility repairs

Kangiqsualujjuaq, pictured here, is one of five Nunavik communities that will receive a combined $29 million from the federal and provincial governments to upgrade local sports and recreation facilities. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Nunatsiaq News

Five sports and recreation building projects in Nunavik will receive a combined $29 million from the governments of Quebec and Canada.

Federal Indigenous Services Minister Patty Hajdu announced June 17 that projects in Umiujaq, Kangirsuk, Kangiqsualujjuaq, Quaqtaq and Kuujjuarapik will receive the funding to upgrade local recreation centres and sports arenas.

Hajdu said the federal government will contribute approximately $14.6 million through the community, culture and recreation infrastructure stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

The provincial government will contribute the same amount through the financial assistance program for recreational and sports infrastructure, known as PAFIRS.

The breakdown of funding for each community is:

  • Umiujaq: $4.2 million for community centre renovation;
  • Kangirsuk: $6.1 million for community centre expansion;
  • Kangiqsualujjuaq: $6.9 million arena renovation;
  • Quaqtaq: $7.2 million for arena renovation;
  • Kuujjuarapik: $4.6 million for construction of a service building and a new roof for the outdoor ice rink.

“During my tour of Nunavik’s northern villages, I quickly understood the importance of sport infrastructure for these communities,” said Quebec’s Indigenous Affairs Minister Ian Lafrenière, in a release. Lafrenière traveled to six communities in Nunavik in May.

“I am more than convinced that modernizing these facilities will be appreciated from the youngest to the oldest members in these communities.”


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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Charlie Tooktoo on

    I am happy and honoured that my grandchildren will be using the facilities as physical activities is important both in mind and spirit.

  2. Posted by Kuujjuaraapimmiuk on

    This is a bandaid for Kuujjuaraapik, we are the only community without an arena , a baseball field, and our golf course have not been taken care of for 20 years at least. Recreational activities is not an option in Kuujjuaraapik least. leadership is lousy in my opinion.

  3. Posted by Umiujangmiuk on

    I am glad that Umiujaq is getting a bit of facelift of our recreation center. Although, no leaders of Umiujaq organization’s met the minister, besides, our Mr Mayor, with no back-up, I am glad that the minister recognized some need here of our recreation dept. Although other dept need assistance, they didn’t bother to meet him at all. The org’s think that things needed will sprout out themselves. Used to doing nothing and expecting things will work-out. We need a rehaul in many hidden organization(s) here in Umiujaq.

  4. Posted by Be appreciative on

    Now is time to be appreciative of what’s being done here. Stop this bickering from the south, via the government. Many places in this country would give anything to be able to have this. Such a small tax based population given all this. And take care of it too. It’s not free, someone worked hard to provide the tax money that funds this. And for those of you who think you don’t have enough with this, and needs more, you need an education in reality.

  5. Posted by It’s give me, poor me on

    It’s important that governments help with recreational needs in communities. But too much government input takes the spirit off of it all. The community needs to have contributed from personal and business contributions as well. Fund raising should be part of the process. That’s how you get motivated and appreciate what you get., you put some effort into getting it. All this give me, give me, does nothing, but continue the welfare handouts, that keeps the status quo from developing.

  6. Posted by Grew up and played on

    Wish for this when I was growing up. We had nothing like this, and when I look where I grew up there’s still none of that available. But I can tell you it didn’t affect the growth and development too much , not to have it. And I see many people today making do, and being very successful in having not too much, which I think makes for a great character potential. Not that having such facilities is a bad thing, no I think it’s good, but building a fine individual is more about connecting to others , not having lots. Please use these opportunities since you will have them, use them wisely. Let it enhance your life.

  7. Posted by Covered problems with money on

    I take this opportunity to point out that the money spent on Nunavik over the years has literally done nothing to make it a better place. There’s no motivation within, as is needed to grow healthier in life. It’s just covered with enough money to make facilities and programs, but lacks the goals and aspirations that would otherwise use such facilities and programs for development through recreation. It’s the same for our education via the expense spent on schools and programs. It’s all missing the support and encouragement from parents, board of directors , committees. All the money with no community commitments. Poor kids have money making structures, with solid pillars.

  8. Posted by Some waste there on

    There’s bound to be concerned waste. Not waste for the recreational needs, but waste among everyone involved with the construction, getting a piece of their cake. Like most spending in Nunavik, the core funds spilled out to the greedy contractors. Over charged, and poor workmanship shows up a little later on. Get a watch dog to over see the work.

    • Posted by Contractors on

      There two types of contractors for Nunavik. There’s those from the south that are qualified to do the work, but they don’t do a good job, take the money and go. Then there’s the local contractors with rights to do the work as by priority giving to local businesses, and they are unqualified and poor workmanship outcomes either way, and money all used up until next pot comes. That’s the story of Nunavik development.

  9. Posted by We ain’t see it all yet on

    Things will get worse for Nunavik as more local businesses get on board. We seen nothing yet compared to next number of years. It’s not been a good deal for many years with incompetent contractors from the south, doing poor work, that falls apart and rots after short period, but wait. Yes, wait, and see that local unqualified work will top off anything we witnessed so far. There’s no accountability to work being done.

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