Children’s book author heads to Nunavut

Author Sarah Tsiang to visit Arviat, Cape Dorset


Little Amy eyes her make-believe eggs in Sarah Tsiang's latest book, “The Stone Hatchlings,” about the power of a child’s imagination.

Little Amy eyes her make-believe eggs in Sarah Tsiang’s latest book, “The Stone Hatchlings,” about the power of a child’s imagination.

Children in the Nunavut communities of Arviat and Cape Dorset will be able take part in Children’s Book Week, when children’s author Sarah Tsiang visits their communities May 6 and 8.

Children’s Book Week, part of a Canada-wide tour to spread the joy of reading among children, has come to Nunavut before, a recent news release from the Toronto-Dominion Bank said.

This year, TD-sponsored Canadian Children’s Book Week includes 35 authors, illustrators and storytellers who will visit schools, libraries, bookstores and community centres across the country.

The week hopes to bring out “creativity, imagination and even courage among children who are inspired by their favourite author’s words or illustrations,” TD said.

In Arviat, Tsiang will read at the Donald Suluk Library in Arviat on May 6 from 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., 4:30 pm. to 5:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

In Cape Dorset, Tsiang will read at the Sam Pudlat School on May 8 (with the time to be confirmed).

Tsiang has written many books including: “Dogs Don’t Eat Jam,” “Other Things Big Kids Know,” and “Warriors and Wailers: 100 Ancient Chinese Jobs You Might Have Relished or Reviled.”

Her latest book, “The Stone Hatchlings,” is about the power of a child’s imagination.

When little Abby finds two warm, round stones in the backyard, she “adopts” them, pretending they’re unhatched birds, Tsiang’s story tells.

Abby builds them a nest and watches over them until one day she imagines that the stones hatch to reveal two gray chicks. Abby colours the birds yellow, blue, and green, and takes care of them.

But then, the make-believe birds stop singing. Soon, they also stop eating, and, when they start to lose their feathers, Abby realizes it is time to let them go. She waves goodbye as they fly off, Tsiang’s story goes — but every morning, two new birds appear at the window and sing to Abby.

Tsiang will also speak about the importance of reading, writing and illustrating books for children and teens. She will reads excerpts from her books and meet with families and children, TD said.

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