Council should be praised


I was somewhat surprised and amused at the whining tone of your July 11 editorial on the Town Council’s decision to proceed with the development of the four corners for municipal, Nunavut and federal offices.

The concept of locating the centres of government within the heart of the community is a far more enlightening and vibrant approach than what has been so too common ­ locating the buildings away from the people and isolated from the heart of the community.

I remember the hue and cry from the past of never again creating a “castle and keep” type of complex like Astro Hill. The council and its administration should be congratulated and commended for keeping the process on track and for bringing the parties together to mutually achieve a significant infusion into a much needed downtown core.

Leadership and vision are not found on nay-saying editiorial pages, but in the actions of those who strive to make a forward and positive contribution to the community. Perhaps someday the local paper will mature enough to warrant representing the newest Canadian capital.

John Raycroft
Thunder Bay, Ont.

Editor’s note: John Raycroft is the Town of Iqaluit’s former SAO. He was replaced by Sara Brown about a year ago.

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