FCNQ holds carving contest for Nunavik Inuit

Entry deadline extended to March 15


If you are a talented Inuit carver in Nunavik, the Federation des coopératives du nouveau Québec is putting on a carving contest with big prizes.

The contest applies to artwork purchased by the co-op and sent to the federation.

Just bring your artwork for sale to the co-op as usual, but make sure the purchaser knows this is a contest carving.

The deadline for entries has been extended to March 15.

There is an adult and a youth category and to qualify for the contest the carvings need to be based on a legend.

Legend is any story that comes from Inuit culture. A few examples are Sedna or Lummaq.

There are many stories, old or recent, that can also be used. Carvers should include a description with their entry.

Category: Adult


• 1st place: $2,500.00
• 2nd place: $1,250.00
• 3rd place: $750.00

Category: Youth

More prizes for youth (20 and under):

• 1st place: $1,100.00
• 2nd place: $900.00
• 3rd place: $500.00

The youth category is for carvers 20 years old and under. Make sure the purchaser indicates the carving is from a youth and for the contest.

A youth can be included in the adult category and be eligible for the larger prizes but he or she cannot win more than one prize.

The youth prizes have been increased thanks to a $2000.00 donation from the Gallery Nunamit located in Geneva.

Contest Rules:

• Any Nunavik Inuit carver can submit a carving for this contest.

• One entry per carver will be used in the judging of the contest.

• Entries will be judged on the quality of the artwork and artistic interpretation.

• The carving can be made of one material or a mix of them. It can be made of soapstone, antler, ivory and other materials from Nunavik.

• The last day to submit a carving is March 15, 2013.

• The winners will be announced at the 2013 general meeting.

• If there are still too few entries in a category, the FCNQ will delay that category of the contest until there are enough.

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