Gender parity lobby campaign begins



The national Inuit women’s association doesn’t believe a plebiscite on gender parity is needed, but it doesn’t want to oppose it.

Pauktuutit President Martha Flaherty said the association does not want to be accused of standing in the way of the democratic process.

“It is, after all, in the interest of democracy that we are advocating gender parity,” she said in a statement outlining the group’s position on the issue.

GNWT wants vote

Gender parity in Nunavut, through dual-member constituencies, was accepted by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin says he’s no longer opposed to it.

But at last month’s leaders’ meeting in Cambridge Bay, GNWT delegates called for a plebiscite.

“Pauktuutit’s position is clear,” Flaherty said. “Women in Nunavut seriously want to find ways to share equally society’s responsibilities and rewards.”

Flaherty stated that Pauktuutit will be lobbying both the federal government and the GNWT for funding to participate in any campaigns leading up to the vote.

Gender parity is also on the agenda for Pauktuutit’s annual general meeting to be held in Nunavik next week.

“The women’s voices from this meeting will become part of Pauktuutit’s overall campaign,” Flaherty said.

NTI’s exec backs gender parity

And the executive and board of directors of NTI sent out a news release this week saying they’ve reaffirmed their support for gender parity.

As well, NTI will be campaigning aggressively to convince residents of Nunavut to vote for equal representation of men and women in the Nunavut legislature through gender parity.

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