Health boards must be accountable


Excellent editorial in your last (June 20) edition:Health board fails communities.

I hope this editorial will awaken people to what can happen and will happen when board members are not kept informed or not encouraged to take part in discussions, decisions and open line shows on health issues with the stakeholders, the public.

All health boards are run on public money, so we have to be accountable to the public.

Please encourage your readers to have more public meetings when important issues arise. For example, what do people think about privately owned hospitals?

What do members of the public think about privately-owned organizations taking over boards, and health and social services and their CEOs? Are these important issues?

The Baffin Regional Health and Social Services board has implemented a 10-year preventive health program. The Baffin Health and Social Services board sees dental therapists as a vital part of the program. I don’t have to go into details of how important these therapists are to our children.

Health and Social Services board members need to speak the same language when it comes to understanding issues, the needs of communities and ethical matters. Health boards must, ultimately, be able to speak with one voice, such that issues are discussed and agreed upon, taking into consideration each individual board member’s community needs.

Ann Meekitjuk Hanson,
Chair, Baffin Regional Health and Social Services Board.

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