Highlights of interim commissioner’s instructions


As interim commissioner, Jack Anawak must:

Hire sufficient headquarters staff for the Nunavut government prior to April 1, 1999, in order to be ready for division;
Develop a comprehensive employment plan to build upon this staff, following start-up;
Limit the cost of running his own office to $10 million between now and April 1,1999;
Keep residents informed about the progress of Nunavut and adopt a system of public communication;
Establish a head office in Iqaluit with satellite offices in Ottawa and Yellowknife;
Hire office staff according to GNWT employment guidelines;
Ensure that the interim commissioner’s office can function in Inuktitut;
Develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy for new employees and existing GNWT employees who wish to work for the Nunavut government;
Achieve the goal of 50 per cent Inuit public servants, including senior management, by April,1999;
Fill up to 150 positions at Nunavut government headquarters in Iqaluit;
Negotiate an agreement with the GNWT over division of assets and liabilities;
Negotiate an agreement with federal government for funding the Nunavut government;
Produce quarterly status reports on progress towards Nunavut.

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