Mad Mom’s mad at Leona


Mad Mom here.

I have an issue with our Nunavut MP’s attitude and recent behavior towards the United Nations Rapporteur for food security, who was kind enough to come to Canada, meet with people and tell the truth about the severe conditions aboriginal people are living under, when it comes to not having enough food.

What does she do? She attacks and tries to discredit the messenger, saying he is from somewhere else and not welcome. Pretend there is no food shortage problem? Question the right this man has to comment on food shortages among Aboriginal people in Canada? Huh?

Everyone knows what this man said was absolutely true. Studies presented in the North have shown more than one third of the households in Nunavut suffer from severe food shortages.

A large number of pregnant women do not have enough food to eat.
The high income wage earners, who make Nunavut look so successful, who drive up the overall average income in Nunavut are not the ones suffering; it is the poor and the marginalized and we all know that here.

Where has she been?

Maybe she should do less flying around for photo posing and announcements and donate the money saved to hungry people she wouldn’t even acknowledge, to him.

For me to watch our MP, Leona Aglukkaq, attack this man on TV, protecting Harper’s Conservative Party image, lacking the courage to agree about how bad things are for many of her own constituents, made me sick to my stomach.

She seemed to care more about being embarrassed, then the actual truth. It’s like she chose her party’s script over those she represents. I am mad about that. Ignoring hunger to pretend life is great up here for everyone is wrong, especially for an MP. Represent your people, not the party!

(Name withheld by request)

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