Many thanks from New Brunswick

“You have helped us. You have taught us.”


This past December 17, around 4 a.m., a fire that started outside made its way into the walls of our house in Fredericton.

It reached the second floor bedroom where my wife and I, and our nine month old panik, were sleeping. With no luck trying to put out the fire we were forced to run out of the house in only our pajamas, my wife carrying our baby dressed only in a onesie.

We were blessed to have access to our car keys and a cellphone to call the fire department, who arrived after sometime and worked at getting the fire under control.

Not knowing where we would go, since we don’t know too many people here in Fredericton since my wife is going to school, we sat in our car with the heater on for an hour before our neighbour woke up and walked over to offer us refuge at her house.

Those early hours watching our house in flames, and us with nothing other than what we ran out with, left us worried about our panik, and what we were going to do.

It wasn’t until later that morning that we got news from my sister-in-law in Iqaluit that people were starting to fundraise to help us out.

To say that we are touched would be an understatement. Your unbelievable kindness and generosity have not only allowed us to get back onto our feet faster and more serenely than we otherwise would have hoped to be able to; they have also forever changed our perspective on how much—instead of how little—we can do to assist those in need.

You have helped us. You have taught us. We are deeply grateful.


Philippe, Melodie and Kataujaq Tullik
Fredericton, N.B.

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