My Little Corner of Canada: A good blizzard


by John Amagoalik

A winter is not complete until you have had at least one good blizzard. Some howling winds, zero visibility, and lots of drifting snow are required to confirm an Arctic winter.

Blizzards not only cover a lot of garbage but they seemed to purify the air as well. Standing outside after a good blizzard, you take a deep breath and the cold air will seem fresher and crisper than before the storm. A blizzard is like giving a stuffy room a good airing.

A good blizzard is especially rewarding to children. The new snow banks are so clean and white. The snow has a special sound to it as you walk on it. And you can have a lot of fun digging tunnels before the new snow gets hard. Growing up in Resolute, where we got more than our fair share of blizzards, I must have dug a mile of tunnels.

Blizzards are also necessary to create snow banks with enough depth and the right kind of consistency for igloo building. A blizzard creates the right conditions so man can build shelter from it.

So, instead of cursing the next blizzard, think of it as an air freshener, playground maker and provider of construction material.


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