My Little Corner of Canada, March 22

Excited About Trump


There is only one issue in the presidential race taking place in The Excited States of America. The issue is Donald Trump.

Dismissed as a joke by many — including this Little Corner — some months ago, Donald Trump has somehow defied the odds and seems to be headed for victory as the Republican nominee for the presidential election in November.

It is being dubbed as a civil war within the Republican Party. This is the most vicious nomination contest in recent memory.

Trump has been called a fraud, racist, a bully, phony, and almost every insult the other candidates could throw at him.

Somehow, all this stuff seems to have bounced off him and he keeps winning the primaries and piling up his delegates. Most people are now saying that he is now unstoppable for the Republican nomination.

The Republicans pulled out their heavy guns to try to stop or slow down Trump’s steamrolling campaign.

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George W. Bush came out in support of his brother Jeb Bush, but it had no effect. The Bush campaign fizzled and he had to drop out of the race.

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate against Obama is 2012, came out with a blistering attack on Trump. It didn’t work either.

Donald Trump is one of the most controversial political figures in the Excited State in recent times. He has insulted Mexicans, women and Muslims and anybody else who he thinks is in the way.

But the right wing of the Republican Party is continuing to support Trump. Political pundits say it is because the American voter is angry at the establishment and is turning to an outsider to punish them.

Some political commentators are even suggesting that this nasty fight could mean the end of the GOP (Grand Old Party.) They say Trump is so controversial and divisive that the party could break up over his nomination.

The Ku Klux Klan — remember them? — came out and endorsed Trump. It took Trump several hours before he disavowed their endorsement. What dwells in the heart of The Donald?

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If Trump does get the Republican nomination, the next round will be Trump versus Hilary Clinton for the presidency of the most powerful nation is the world.

It will get even nastier. The next seven months will not be boring.

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