Nunavik leaders using drugs, alcohol are part of the problem


I decided to write a letter because elections are held at this time of the year for most of our organizations and because our elected representatives play a big role in our communities in representing us locally and as a region.

I would like to see changes and voicing my concerns through Nunatsiaq News is great way to be heard.

I am writing because during meetings I always hear the same issues and realities being talked about without any real action being taken that would help make changes for the better.

Where there is no blaming, no shaming, no judging and we can work together to make difference changes for the better.

I am not against someone who takes drugs and who drinks and I often emphasize that if you are a parent always place your children in a safe place for the night.

If you think you need help for your drinking, there is help and treatment. Don’t drink and drive.

But when it comes to being a representative and a board member for an organization, remember you are a role model, you are not there for personal gain and to travel and drink wherever you may be.

I do see some people who are drunk in the middle of the day or when they are away for a meeting or for personal reasons. I see them drunk and getting high from drugs. Alcohol and-or drugs don’t go together because if you are a representative and board member who uses, our community won’t change for the better. You are part of the problem with the community that is suffering with the effects of alcohol and drugs that we all hear about at every meeting and see in our communities.

You have a choice to be part of the problem or part of the solution, and if you think you have a problem, get some appropriate help. It’s your choice.

I hear responses by some people that it’s none of my business, there are already workers working on it’ and its already been tried.

Also, I hear some of our elected representatives preaching about religion during meetings. I am not against opening prayers during meetings but when there is a meeting, mixing religion with it takes a lot of time, since the time of the meeting is too short.

Also, because you say you are a believer it doesn’t mean going to church and being born again can solve the reality we face with the cycles we see in violence, deaths related to alcohol, addictions, sexual abuse, suicides and domestic violence.

We can only start healing when we start to talk about the things we are afraid to talk about, whether the pain is from the past or recently. We need to talk about it so that our children don’t live the way we lived. Its not to about blaming, not about shaming, not about judging, its talking about what we need to talk about to heal and make life better for our children.

And when its time for nominations I find that its usually the same people who are are campaigning. I usually hear most of them saying I have experience and I have been on the board for a long time, so vote me. During the meetings, they are the ones who say nothing much and have a lot to say about who gets the jobs, usually family and friends.

Some people I know who are younger say they are scared to confront unacceptable behaviour cause they are elders.

There is a difference between an elder who is willing to listen, help and mentor and one who is there for personal and family gain and do nothing most of the time.

How can we respect elders when some of our elders don’t respect us? I also hear the ones we vote for admitting publicly they are on the board for honoraria payments, mostly there for greed and taking bribes.

I like to encourage young people and young adults to pursue elections because even if you don’t have experience, you can learn by listening and asking.

If you care enough for the people and the community you can have elders as your mentors, to help you guide you together. Good luck!

Jeannie Nuktie

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