Nunavummiut elect new municipal leaders

Coral Harbour, Taloyoak and seven Baffin communities choose new mayors


Arviat mayor Bob Leonard was re-elected to a third term Dec. 9. (PHOTO BY CURTIS KONEK)

Arviat mayor Bob Leonard was re-elected to a third term Dec. 9. (PHOTO BY CURTIS KONEK)

(Updated Dec. 11)

Hamlet elections across Nunavut Dec. 9 produced a handful of new mayors, the return of a few incumbents and the re-election of dozens of hamlet councillors across the territory.

Hamlet elections in Nunavut communities are staggered, meaning only some communities will elect new mayors this year.

Roughly half of hamlets’ council seats were up for election Dec. 9 but in some cases more, where resignations or deaths left council seats empty.

The Baffin region saw the most action election night, with the election of seven new mayors.

In Arctic Bay, Philip Kalluk garnered two votes more than fellow candidate Esau Tatatoapik to be elected mayor. That community also saw four new councillors: Moses Naqitarvik, Tom Naqitarvik, Sheena Qaunaq and Irene Willie.

• Four hamlet councillors were acclaimed in Cape Dorset: Cheryl Constantineau, Claude Constantineau, Kooyoo Pudlat and Qimmiataq Nugusuituq.

• Clyde River has a new mayor: Jerry Natanine, along with five new hamlet councillors, Regilee Piungituq, Sandy Kautuq, Laimikee Palluq, Nubiya Angetsiak and Suzanne Arreak.

• In Grise Fiord, there was no election held Dec. 9 as hamlet councillors Larry Audlaluk, Frank Holland and Alisha Killiktee were all acclaimed.

• The same was true in Igloolik, where four councillors were acclaimed: Dominic Angutimarik, Peter Ivalu, Erasmus Ivalu and David Aqqiaruq.

• Hall Beach hosted an eight-way mayoral race, won by Peter Siakuluk, who was elected with 61 votes. He’ll be working with six new councillors: Andrew Qaunaq, Luba Nangmalik, Mary Kuppaq, Philip Anguratsiaq, Salmon Qanatsiaq and Timothy Kuppaq.

• Kimmirut elected five new councillors: Anneak Akavak, Joe Arlooktoo, Matto Michael, Palanga Lyta and Terry Pitsiulak.

• In Pangnirtung, Mosesee Qappik won a three-way race to be elected as that community’s mayor, while four hamlet councillors were elected: Billy Etooangat, Andrew Nakashuk, Mosesie Nakashuk and Joanasie Qappik.

• Five candidates ran for mayor Pond Inlet, with Charlie Inuarak winning with 106 votes. New councillors include Eleanore Arreak, James Atagootak, Noah Innualuk, Lisa Kasarnak and Natalino Maktar.

• Four new hamlet councillors in Qikitarjuaq: Loasie Audlakiak, Pauloosie Keyootak, Lucyanna Kookiguak and Stevie Aulaqiaq.

• Resolute Bay hosted a two-man race for mayor, with Mavis Manik winning with just 32 votes. She’s joined by three newly-acclaimed councillors Matt Teed, Anna Nungaq and Vincent Pickett.

• Joe Arragutainaq was re-elected as Sanikiluaq’s mayor, joined by hamlet councillors Christine Ekidlak, Alex Ippak, Emily Kattuk, Dinah Kittosuk and Caroline Tookalook.

The Kivalliq region only had two mayoral elections Dec. 9.

• In Arviat, incumbent mayor Bob Leonard beat out seven other mayoral candidates to win re-election to a third term. Leonard placed just ahead of former MLA David Alagalak, who ran for mayor in 2010.

Arviat also saw a crowded race for five council seats. In the end, those seats went to Nathan Caskey, Jamie Kablutsiak, Martha Main, Peter Shamee and Donald Uluajluak Sr.

• Coral Harbour has a new mayor: Simeon Dion, who beat out three other candidates for the hamlet’s top job. Local voters also elected three new council members: Joseph Angootealuk, Danny Pee and Sanaaq Pee.

The Kivalliq’s remaining mayors continue to serve their terms, while those hamlets hosted elections to fill council seats.

• Rankin Inlet: Joyce Ayaruak, Martha Hickes, Harry Towtongie and Theresie Tungilik.

• Baker Lake: Silas Arngna’naaq, Shawn Attungala, Kenny Hachey and Karen Yip.

• Repulse Bay: Joseph Mapsalak, Donat Milortok, John-Ell Tinashlu and Roland Tungilik Sr.

• Whale Cove: Joey Arualak, Elizabeth Kabloona, Mike Panika Sr. and Leonard Teenar.

• Chesterfield Inlet: Barney Aggark, Louis Autut, Valerie Ipkarnerk and Scott Sammurtok.

Taloyoak was the only community in the Kitikmeot region to host a mayoral race. That’s where Joe Ashevak won a two-way race, winning almost double the votes gained by candidate Charlie Lyall.

Simon Qingnaqtuq, David Nanook, Rene Boisvert and Anoyoak Alookee were elected to sit on hamlet council.

• Cambridge Bay mayor Jeannie Ehaloak was acclaimed for a second term, while five new councillors were elected Dec. 9: Sandi Gillis, Clarissa Koblogina, Keith Lear Sr., Joe Ohokannoak and Wilfred Wilcox.

• In Kugluktuk, Red Pedersen was acclaimed as mayor while three new councillors were elected: Colin Adjun, Peter Taktagon and Nuka Bolt.

Voters in the rest of the region’s hamlets elected new councillors:

• Gjoa Haven: Paul Puqiqnak, Joanni Sallerina, Ralph Porter Sr. and Andrea Carter.

• Sheila Anaittuq, Ovide Alakannuaq, Allen Immingark and Guido Tigvareark.

Voter turnout in the hamlet elections ranged from about 17 per cent in Kugluktuk to a 69 per cent turnout in Resolute Bay.

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