Nunavut man arrested after shots fired

Rifle brandished in Cape Dorset near airport


A man fired shots near the airport in Cape Dorset on Aug. 21. (FILE PHOTO)

A man fired shots near the airport in Cape Dorset on Aug. 21. (FILE PHOTO)

A Cape Dorset man is in custody and a firearm seized after the man was reported to be brandishing a rifle near the airport yesterday.

This RCMP in this Baffin community of about 1,500 received word of that incident, which police called a “high-risk situation,” at around 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 21.

“RCMP members attended the area when they observed the male shoot multiple rounds into the air,” an Aug. 22 news release said.

The man left the airport and when police pursued him to the 4500 block of town, they heard “screams and sounds of distress were heard,” the release said.

When confronted, the man pointed a piece of wood at the police and pretended to shoot and challenged them to shoot him.

Police took control using “de-escalation techniques” and took the man into police custody “without further incident.” Spent shell casings were gathered when the gun was taken.

The RCMP thank the community for “continued vigilance.”

“We take these calls very seriously. We’re very fortunate at how this was resolved peacefully and without incident thanks to the perseverance of our members and the support from residents in Cape Dorset,” Nunavut RCMP Inspector Mark Crowther said in the release.

The RCMP reminded Nunavummiut they can always contact their local RCMP detachment or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

When in crisis, you can call the Kamatsiaqtut Helpline at 1-800-265-3333.

If you are looking for support, you can drop into the community justice offices, call 1-866-456-5216 or email .

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