Nunavut offers thanks for search and rescue volunteers

“Volunteers do not question who is missing; they always offer their time and help”


It has been a very busy year at the Nunavut Emergency Management division of the Government of Nunavut’s department of Community and Government Services. We would like to recognize our search and rescue volunteers, who give to our communities all year long.

Nunavut is a unique and vast territory, and our volunteers are essential. When someone goes missing on the land or water, daily routines are interrupted. Volunteers leave their families and the warmth of their homes to respond.

Volunteers do not question who is missing; they always offer their time and help.

Search operations are stressful and emotions can run high. Some volunteers are on snowmobiles or boats searching, while others are at headquarters where hard decisions must be made. All volunteers want to bring a lost or distressed member of the community safely home.

On many occasions, we have witnessed the support that community members show our volunteers. We have received food and other supplies while dealing with the task at hand. For this, we are extremely grateful.

While most searches in Nunavut have a happy ending, there are ones that do not. To the families and friends of those who have been lost, your pain is shared by each search and rescue volunteer. It can be hard to move on after a challenging experience, yet our volunteers continue to offer their help.

Search and rescue volunteers are true heroes and deserve our respect and support. Thank you for a job well done.

Ed Zebedee
Director of Nunavut Emergency Management

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