Nunavut’s Department of Education must raise the bar

“Someone who reads and writes at a low grade level should not be allowed to teach”


To all involved in the education system of Nunavut:

As a parent of three I have found that our education system is failing our youth horribly.

I understand that it is a work in progress. However, this progress for a “better” education seems to be worsening as we move into a new era; an era when our survival no longer depends on knowing how to make rope from seal skin, how to sew, or even light a qulliq.

Yes, I do believe these skills should be taught to help keep a sense of cultural identity, but they should not be the focus of our education.

My children have come home from school with complaints of teachers swearing and hitting students. Writing everything on the board for them to copy into their notebooks with no actual teaching of the subject and no review for the homework they bring home.

I think it is only natural that I or any parent would begin to question what really goes on in our schools.

I have gone through the education system in Nunavut, then the Northwest Territories, and I don’t remember my teachers writing everything on the board.

We were taught the basic skills of reading, writing, comprehension and arithmetic before anything. We were taught how to use a notebook (not wasting any space), how to respect each other’s space and quite frankly any skill that would help better the environment of our work space.

I do understand that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children as well. But when someone sends their child to school to get an education, I think it is only fair that they can expect that that is what their children are getting.

Perhaps the Department of Education and Government of Nunavut need to take things more seriously. Start implementing all these “projects” that they come up with. And most importantly, raise the bar!

I for one am deeply saddened when I ponder the subject of education in Nunavut. It is frustrating for parents who put in a sincere effort in sending their children to school to get an education they deserve just to find out that their teacher has not even graduated from high school, or even has an equivalent certificate.

I think it is only fair to say that someone who reads and writes at a low grade level should not be allowed to teach, let alone encouraged to do so.

What are the future generations going to be like if we continue down this path? How will they function as Canadian and global citizens when they are unable to effectively communicate with others through every medium?

It seems that children are being taught that they don’t really have to try in school (until Grade 10 when work is required.)

Heck, why stop there? All Inuit children are aware that some day they can get a high paying job, just because of their Inuit status, graduate from Arctic college with a degree, but still come out not knowing the basic skills needed to survive in this world.

So answer this: with all the “social promotion” and little encouragement to have higher standards for themselves, why should our future generation even try?

Raise the bar!

(Name withheld by request)

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