Nunavut MLA seeks feedback on Nutrition North Canada

An online “program satisfaction survey” includes 31 questions


(Updated and revised)

Nunavut MLA Ron Elliott, who represents the Quttiktuq riding in the High Arctic, says he, not Nutrition North Canada (as earlier reported), wants you to express what you think about the food subsidy program.

“Food security is the constituency number one issue,” Elliott told Nunatsiaq News.

That’s why Elliott said he designed a survey to provide independent insight into the program.

To do that, all you have to do is complete the “program satisfaction survey” online.

The 31-question survey aims to find out if people are satisfied or unsatisfied with the program — which aims to increase access to perishable healthy food in isolated northern communities.

Questions in the survey include: “what do you like most about the Nutrition North Canada program” and “what changes would most improve [the program.”

The survey asks whether or not Nutrition North is helping northerners make healthy food choices.

Other questions include: “Retailers and suppliers must pass on the subsidy to their customers. Your savings will be printed on your invoice. When making a purchase, is the total savings printed on your invoice?” and “Do you feel that 100% of the subsidy is being passed on to the customer?”

It also asks if people feel the Nutrition North Canada Advisory Board gives northerners a direct voice in the program.

The members of that board are supposed to collectively represent a wide range of perspectives and interests.

They give information and advice to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development on the management, direction and activities of the Nutrition North program.

Elliott said he designed the survey to be as unbiased as possible.

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