Should Inuit corporations be re-evaluated?

“Are they there for all Inuit? Or just the greedy staff and boards of these organizations?”


How do Inuit organizations balance corporate greed and spending with the social values of fellow Inuit?

It appears to me that the leaders of these organizations just keep getting richer, as they squander away money that could go to social programs.

The trips south, to conduct meetings that belong in the north, take tens of thousands of dollars away from Inuit who could really use it.

The staff and boards of these private corporations are constantly looking for more, more, more.

While they fly away south, to go to fancy restaurants and go shopping, under the guise of a meeting, other Inuit will never experience what it is like to go on any plane or eat at any restaurant.

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the purpose of these corporations.

Are they there for all Inuit? Or just the greedy staff and boards of these organizations?

(Name withheld by request)

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