We must help young people


The young people have nothing to do ­ they are just walking around in the streets.

They have no way of being of some use, they have no place to go where they can be doing something to make money.

They don’t know where they can go to make money or where they can train.

They ask themselves, “Where can I get money?”

So now these young people are really confused: “There is nothing I can do about it, my parents can’t help because they have lots of debts to different places like for the house, fuel oil and food that has to be paid for.”

They turn to crime because there are no jobs for them.

We as communities must start thinking about how we can raise money that can be used to create jobs for our youth. There are many jobs to be done in the communities.

We have to help these boys and girls. We are just sending the young people to the courts because we are not looking around for money hard enough.

I am not shy even if my name appeared in Iqaluit.

John Arnaalugjuaq

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