A human resource blunder at the GN?


My name is Angela Nutarak Despatie. I am currently living in Montreal.

Before I moved to Quebec, I had to move back to my hometown, because I had to resign my position at the Government of Nunavut at the time, working as a Translating Editing Services Officer at the legislation department on or about the begining of July 2007.

I had followed my family to Quebec City for a family reunion a year after my father passed away. We had left Nunavut on or about June 22, 2007, and we were planning to stay there for two weeks.

During my stay I had received an email through my personal email address from the director where I employed. She had wrote to me “if you do not resign I will have to terminate you from your current position, because your holiday was not approved by me.”

Prior to that, her secretary had emailed us asking when we would like to take some time off for the summer, I submitted mine and thought everything went through, and even the human resources co-ordinator signed it.

Because I did not want a bad reputation on my resumé from my soon-to-be former employer,  I wrote a resignation letter.

I truly felt I was blackmailed into quitting.

What ticks me off the most is that the position is currenty occupied by a under-qualified employee who does not even have a certificate or diploma from the interpreting and translating program at Nunavut Arctic College.

I am wondering and at the same time letting my fellow Inuit friends know this so that they will not experience the same thing I experienced.

Is there any way I can get my holiday pay at least?

If you would like to help me or criticize me, feel free to email me at angelanutarak@hotmail.com
Angela Nutarak Despatie

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