KRG chair faces impaired driving charge

Maggie Emudluk to appear in court Nov. 9


Police with the Kativik Regional Police Force stopped a woman in Kuujjuaq Sept. 15 who is alleged to have been driving a vehicle in an impaired state.

Maggie Emudluk, 47, faces charges of impaired driving.

The summons says “Maggie Emudluk… on or about September 15, 2009, in Kuujjuaq… did operate a motor vehicle, while her ability to drive a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol or a drug, committing thereby the offence punishable on summary conviction.”

Emudluk, who is chairperson of the Kativik Regional Government, will appear in court in Kuujjuaq Nov. 9.

On the evening of Sept. 15, the KRG council held a dinner at the Auberge Kuujjuaq as a farewell to regional councillors who might not be returning to the council.

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