Opposed to street lights for Iqaluit


I just had to make a comment on the Iqaluit traffic light issue, as this is such a waste of money, like Glen Williams said on CBC.

I totally agree with him.

I understand it’s frustrating, since everyone wants to get home early, but there should be other ways to get home early — like leave early.

This is just another waste of time and it will create a lot of headaches. This means our elders who still drive and who have never seen traffic lights before will have to get training. There will be lots of pedestrians jaywalking and this is dangerous. Has anyone thought of that at all?

I am concern too for the young kids and children as they may think this is the great way of playing and challenging the lights, as lots of kids in Iqaluit like to play on the roads especially when it’s down hill on their bicycle.

So I really hope before they decide to go ahead with the traffic lights, that they really will review it more and look more closely as it isn’t urgent and it is not needed.

If people in Iqaluit feel that this is needed because they want to get home at 12:05 p.m. for lunch, I suggest that you go to work early and then you can leave earlier for lunch.

Come on, get real and smell the coffee. Don’t start treating or making Iqaluit like the south as you people are always complaining that they don’t want the Inuit land to be like the south, so put a stop to this and look at other urgent things needed.

I am always going to be a beneficiary and I still care and always will for my land and people.

Pauline Oolayou Alainga
Fort McMurray, Alta.

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