Iqaluit’s AWG arena needs even more repairs

Entire section of bleachers goes missing


The Arctic Winter Games arena needs even more repairs in addition to the $2.25 million in federal, territorial and municipal funds already committed to its renovation.

Iqaluit’s City Council voted June 22 to approve spending an additional $31,000 to shore up problems discovered during the latest work on the controversial facility.

City engineer Paul Clow said the arena’s wall isn’t straight, a problem not reflected in the building’s building documents.

He said the wall needs to be built out so it lines up with new steel structures being installed.

Also, the wooden flooring under the benches needs replacement and a section of bleachers removed for construction went missing and needs to be replaced.

Last, the timekeeper and penalty box areas needs electrical work that wasn’t part of the initial plans.

Since its construction in 2002, the AWG arena has been inoperable for most of its life after the arena floor collapsed.

The city, territory and federal government have spent millions to repair and upgrade the facility, and the building is set to open properly this summer.

All told, the price tag for the latest round of repairs is $31,600.

Council approved the spending unanimously.

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