Gun-toting youths wreak havoc in Cape Dorset

One wounded in exchange of gunfire with Nunavut RCMP


(Updated Oct. 14)

The people of Cape Dorset suffered yet another dangerous firearms incident this week, when two gun-toting youths began firing rounds at local houses early on the morning of Oct. 13, the Nunavut RCMP said in a news release issued today.

Police say two youths, each with a firearm, began firing shots within the community. One youth “took up a position outside several occupied homes,” police said.

When police attempted to negotiate with them, both young men began firing “down a residential street.”

Police returned fire, wounding one youth.

The pair then surrendered, and the wounded young person was taken to the Cape Dorset health centre for treatment.

Though the youth’s injury is “non-life-threatening,” police from another jurisdiction will investigate the shooting of the boy, the RCMP said.

The Nunavut RCMP are still investigating the incident and have yet to announce the laying of any charges or the identities of the two shooters.

One source in Cape Dorset said the two youths were boys in Grade 9.

The source said school classes were cancelled in Cape Dorset today and that a community meeting was to have been held on the afternoon of Oct. 14 to discuss “coping strategies” and was to have been hosted by a mental health nurse.

On Oct. 10, a 23-year-old Cape Dorset man was shot to death, while his 19-year-old brother was charged with second degree murder. On Sept. 20, another Cape Dorset man was shot to death in an incident that led to a second-degree murder charge against an 18-year-old boy.

The Nunavut RCMP will hold press conference Oct. 15 to talk about issues raised by the recent wave of gun violence in Cape Dorset.

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