A view of Apex’s historic buildings

The old Hudson’s Bay Company buildings in Apex, just outside Iqaluit, are seen on April 3. (Photo by Bill Williams)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by CB on

    Since this photo was taken , someone has put up a barrier and created a parking lot, blocking Apex beach. Is that their property and who sanctioned it, if not?

  2. Posted by Niaqunguu Apex on

    Does the HBC own these buildings and their ‘private property’? Is HBC allowed to put up signs including No Parking ? If they rent it out, can the landlord or tenant do this?

    If it is true , this means ANY ALONG THE COAST can put up signs like this. It is not the Inuit way.

    Is the whole coast INUIT owned land? Who can clear up the signs and this info?

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      The buildings are privately owned and are being used/rented by tenants and businesses. The owners have every right to keep the fronts of the buildings free of traffic so that their tenants have access to parking and remain safe.

      • Posted by Owner on

        The fronts of the buildings, yes. I do not think the message about the “coast” etc was stating that. I see the points being made. Perception or deception but clearing it up is beneficial.

        Therefore, WELCOME to everyone to come enjoy this nice area and come enjoy the history. Come all!

  3. Posted by never destroy these buildings on

    We used to have a small building on the left side of the beach. Would be nice to renovate all of them. And, make historic, like it was before. It would make a beautiful place to visit to see how we used to live. For the tourist or see them on the weekend. Would Government be willing to help to renovate those buildings for Iqaluit. Get rid of the old building that was a place of Bill Mackenzie on the top of the hill. My father was helping the old Hudson’s Bay staff house in the late 1939s, early 1940s.

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