A boost for research in Nunavik


IQALUIT — The Nunavik Research Centre doubled in size on Wednesday as leaders of the Makivik Corporation inaugurated a new extension to the Kuujjuaq-based centre.

The extension cost $375,000, and took less than a year to build. Now, the centre, considered by many to be the best-equipped scientific facility north of the 55th parallel, boasts a pathology labratory where scientists will continue monitoring the incidence of the Trichinella parasite in walrus meat.

Trichinella infestation of walruses is especially prevalent in Nunavik, though it happens infrequently in Nunavut, too. In addition to the construction, the centre also acquired post-mortem equipment to conduct autopsies on wildlife suspected of being diseased, a diamond-tipped saw for sectioning teeth, and computer-linked microscopes.

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