A hard-rock haven in the heart of Iqaluit

“We’re trying to make a community centerpiece, like a park”


A line of giant boulders, which went up this week in front of Iqaluit’s elders centre, marks the start of an ambitious plan to make Iqaluit’s centre into a more people-friendly, safe and beautiful place.

The Nunavut Square – which is actually more of an egg-shaped space – is the first project in the “Capital District and Core Area Redevelopment” plan that outlines what kinds of parks, sidewalks and parking there should be in Iqaluit’s centre.

When the Nunavut Square is finished next summer, it will feature a stone wall around its perimeter and a raised stone stage in the centre.

“We’re trying to make a community centrepiece, like a park, and we wanted something unique and reflective of Iqaluit, so it’s being built out of stone,” said Coun. Glenn Williams.

Eight Iqaluit residents are also involved in the square’s construction, receiving instruction from stone masons who are supervising the work.

The stone bridge and park that the Iqaluit Beautification Society erected a couple of years ago will also be integrated into the new square, Williams said.

The city core plan also includes the introduction of back-in parallel parking near the Iqaluit post office.

By the end of summer, there will be a total of 38 stalls in front of and around the post office: these parking spaces will require drivers to back in so when they pull out, they don’t back into traffic.

“It’s a way of dealing with the safety concerns that have been identified in that part of town,” Williams said.

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