A wish list for Santa


Dear Santa:

The boys and girls who work for Nunatsiaq News have been as good as we can be this year, so we hope our little list of gift items isn’t too much for you to handle.

Some of these gifts aren’t really for us. They’re for other people in Nunavut. But if you can make sure those people get those gifts, it will be as if we had received them ourselves.

Here’s our list:

Santa, we’d like you to give us a stable health care system – the kind we use to have in Nunavut before it got screwed up by incompetent administrators and predatory business interests.
For the sake of all the children, Santa, we’d like you to make sure that nobody covers up and makes excuses for abusers any more.
For the sake of all the people of Nunavut, Santa, we’d like you to give us leaders who are free of childish insecurities, and who don’t turn around and stab their imagined enemies in the back as soon as they get elected.
And while your figuring out how to deliver that present Santa, could you put the following item on your list for next Christmas? Next Christmas, we’d like you to give Nunavut a legislative assembly made up of people whose ethical standards match the expectations of those who elect them. We hope that’s not too much to ask.
For those people in Iqaluit who haven’t forgotten how to use their legs to get from one place to another, could you make our streets safe to walk again?
Santa, could you also make sure that Nunavut’s college students get their cheques on time this year? Hunting is fun and healthy, but students need cash to feed themselves too.
The people who live in what will be left of the NWT still don’t have a name for their new territory. Could you please given them one, Santa?
If you still have room left in your qamutik, here are a few personal items:

Jim asks that you make sure the Apple computer company doesn’t go bankrupt. It would depress him to no end if he had to use Windows 98.
Dwane and Leevede would like new motherboards for their computers, so they don’t crash all the time and ruin their hard work.
Basil wants you to create a store in Ottawa that sells tuktuminiq with lots of tunnuq.
Annette would like a better digital camera, one that holds hundreds of pictures in its memory.
Jane would like an open airline pass for travel to every community in Nunavik.
Lastly Santa, can you make sure that John and Evie Amagoalik get a new house? JB

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