All Nunavut motor vehicle offices to go cashless

3 regional offices in Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Gjoa Haven had been the last to accept cash

A street sign posts the speed limit in a pedestrian area of Iqaluit. All of Nunavut’s motor vehicle offices will go cashless as of this Sunday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Motor vehicle offices across the territory will go cashless as of Sunday.

The Department of Economic Development and Transportation made the announcement Tuesday in a news release.

Accepted forms of payment will include, debit, credit, cheque or money order. They will also take prepaid credit cards, which charge interest.

In most Nunavut communities, the territory’s motor vehicles division delivers services through government offices that already do not accept cash, a department spokesperson Weichien Chan said in an email on Thursday. In those communities, payments are made by money order or in offices that equipped with a payment terminal, by debit or credit card.

Pre-paid credit cards can be purchased at Northern stores, Co-op stores and Canada post, states the release.

The switch to cashless payments affects the three regional offices in Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet and Gjoa Haven. Those offices had been accepting cash payments.

But even in the few offices that did accept cash, 95 per cent of payments were made with debit or credit cards, Chan said.

The move to a purely cashless system will “streamline our operations and reduce a large amount of administrative work,” she said.

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(27) Comments:

  1. Posted by TP on

    Will every community MV/GLO office now be equipped with a debit/credit terminal? Or do we remain stuck in 1981?

    • Posted by 867 on

      But going to the post office to obtain a money order and pay a ten dollar fee just to pay for a license renewal is such a romantic experience. Why would any body in their right mind want to give that up?

    • Posted by monty sling on

      TB, I think we will be stuck there for few more years. You know GN; full of hot air …..

      • Posted by Inuk guy on

        Monty Sling for the win! Knows it all.

  2. Posted by Oscar on

    Welcome to the 21st Century, it’s about time

  3. Posted by Hunter on

    One more step closer to a digital currency so the Government can track every penny we earn/spend and how much our net worth is.

    What ever happened to the term Cash is King.

    I would not have a problem with it but to get a bank card, credit card, money order etc. we have to spend more money in user fees, interest etc.

    This is wrong.

    • Posted by Tp on

      It seems your tinfoil hat is a little tight…

  4. Posted by GN worker on

    I get to have my 1 1/2 hrs lunch and 45 mins coffee breaks yay!

  5. Posted by Much ado about nothing on

    People who have paid to do written and road tests are still waiting. Payment is not the issue, it’s the motor vehicles division.

    • Posted by Ginger ale on

      That’s cause no one shows up for work there lol. Usually only one worker there when ever i go there

      • Posted by Lol on

        You must be new here that’s how most departments in nunavut operate………don’t show up and don’t work and eventually ur supervisor will do it instead ???

        • Posted by Ginger ale on

          So you think I’m new here cause i didn’t mention that all departments do this? Good detective work! Lol

      • Posted by Umingmak on

        Not even sure if any human actually works at motor vehicles in Cambridge Bay, or if the only employee is an “Out of office” sign.

  6. Posted by Old timer on

    Hope this will improve the long wait for a ID or license 6 to 1 year wait 1 flight away!!!

  7. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    I think Cambridge had the worst record of attendance or assistance of any Motor Vehicles in Camada. It was appalling trying to get any ID or registration done, was so bad even the local enforcement knew not to bother with stickers as it was pointless to ask any it was out of date.

    • Posted by 867 on

      That is the problem with placing people with zero discipline into roles that require even a minimal amount of dedication. This is an essential service. If that person is unable to fulfill their duties (while getting paid more than 80% of canadians), something has to be done.
      This is an essential service, not some random coordinator job made up by the GN to boost article 23 hires. Something has to be done, but it sounds like a good old fashioned firing and rehiring is needed.

    • Posted by Cambaymiut on

      What I find funny is the implication that anything except cash was ever able to be used in the Cambridge Bay office. I can’t remember how many times I had to run across the street to the bank machine to get cash for anything because the GN didn’t allow payment by card.

  8. Posted by Megan Pizzo Lyall on

    I think it’s great that we’re going cashless, but I hope they also take the next step of being able to provide people with the option of renewing online as well. Would save a lot of time and it won’t matter if there is someone in the office or not (only when it comes to actually printing out the cards… which is another thing, please review this and determine another way to make it faster… PLEASE).

    • Posted by Streamliner on

      This is good thinking. Keep it up.

    • Posted by Discernitron on

      Online applications, yes.

      But printing of documents in every community?

      This is a document that needs to be accepted across Canada and beyond, and some GLO in Whale Cove can just print one out?

  9. Posted by Qallunaat on

    Now if only the wildlife offices would start taking debit or credit for fishing licenses. Or better yet, get into the 21st century and allow them to be purchased online.

  10. Posted by Dana on

    Nunavut motor vehicle offices going cashless! So, will they start accepting seal pelts and igloo sculptures as payment? ? It’s the 21st century, even the snowmobiles are going digital! Let’s hope the polar bears don’t ask for contactless payment too.

  11. Posted by Ned Flanders on

    People still carry case?!! Wow.

    • Posted by Happens now and then. on

      It’s always good to keep some cash on hand for when the internet goes down and debit machines aren’t working because of fog or rain

    • Posted by Ginger ale on

      How are you going to buy food if the internet or the debit machines are gone for days?

  12. Posted by Eskimo Fan on


  13. Posted by Confused on

    I thought we were cashless already, I rarely got to hold cash in the last 20 years.

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