All DMs and ADMs should resign?


Let me applaud the GN Department of Health and Social Services’ new recruitment and retention strategy.

Last week’s letter to the editor from Clara Evalik gives the undeniable message that non-beneficiaries are not wanted. Those who are robbing the Inuit who solely deserve these opportunities should tender their resignations and allow the millions of dollars, and I mean millions they are being paid to be returned to the Inuit.

I would like to thank Ms. Evalik for finally having the guts to do something about this horrendous injustice and this blatant mis-hiring of non-beneficiaries into jobs with decision-making power.

It is time we beneficiaries took a stand and make it known that this is unacceptable! The hiring of people who are obviously not qualified to hold these positions and who make poor decisions on our behalf, must be stopped.

We will be expecting a number of high-placed officials to tender their resignations immediately. Let’s start with the DMs, ADMs, then the directors, managers, etc. You are holding positions of power and do not have the permission of the people of Nunavut to do so.

Let all qualified beneficiaries step forward to claim these decision-making power positions. After all, an injustice has been done. (Note: Only those beneficiaries who are proficient in both spoken and written Inuktitut need apply).

(Name withheld please)

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