Animal rights fascism

“If a few people are hurt for the good of the global society, then that’s not our problem. It happens all the time.”


Those words were uttered recently by Michael Kendu, an animal rights extremist who works for a radical organization called the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, best known for its attempts to ram its boats into Norwegian whaling ships in 1992.

Kendu was responding to an Alaskan journalist who had asked Kendu about how he’s able to morally justify the damage his organization would inflict on Alaskan Inuit whalers for whom bowhead hunting is an essential practice. (You can find the story on page 14.)

It’s a reponse that relies upon the same evil logic used by terrorists, assassins and tyrants everywhere: that the ends justify the means, no matter how many innocent human beings are damaged.

From Belfast to Palestine to Bosnia, that logic is the soap that political murderers use to erase the blood of the innocent from their hands. And when terrorists seize control of governments as they did in Russia in 1917 and in Germany in 1933 it’s that very same logic they use to justify the mass murder of millions.

Kendu, a comfortable west coast yuppie who says he lives in a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms and a hot tub, probably doesn’t think of himself as a facist.

But his organization’s fanatical and brutally intolerant quest for ideological purity makes him just that a fascist who would destroy entire cultures and peoples for the sake of a few wild sea mammals.

Kendu’s organization has already used violence against Norwegian and Icelandic whalers. Now they’re suggesting that one day they will use the same violence against Alaskan Inuit whalers whose hunting is even sanctioned by the International Whaling Commission.

They have also taken the ludicrous position that Greenpeace is now a “pro-whaling” organization and they have threatened to use the same violence against Greenpeace.

Greenpeace who have actually supported aboriginal subsistence hunting showed sympathy for Alaskan Inuit whalers in a recent tour of the Alaskan coast. They even used a couple of their Zodiac boats to help hunters from the small community of Gambell retrieve a bowhead whale that had died of natural causes.

Why should Nunavut Inuit worry about events that are happening 6,000 miles away in Alaska?

Because one day, that same organization will attempt to use the same vicious tactics against Nunavut Inuit especially when it becomes known that a limited bowhead hunt has resumed in Nunavut.

The Qikiqtani Wildlife Board has designated Pangnirtung where bowhead whaling has a long history as the host community for next year’s Nunavut bowhead hunt.

It’s essential, then, that the embarrassing fiasco that occurred during the Repulse Bay bowhead hunt not be repeated. Sea Shepherd and other radical animal rights groups would descend on Nunavut like a plague of wasps if the next bowhead hunt involves hundreds of rounds of ammunition being fired, a lost animal, and spoiled meat. This time, Pangnirtung’s hunters must do it right.

At the same time, Inuit organizations must not be lulled into complacency by the recent resolution of the European fur ban. Animal rights organizations are getting bigger, more arrogant and more dangerous. JB

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