Around 200 Nunavut residents have applied to return home, no confirmed cases of COVID-19

There are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut, Premier Joe Savikataaq said at a news conference on Thursday, March 26. Savikataaq reminded all Nunavummiut to continue practising social distancing and self-isolation. Those wishing to return to the territory from other jurisdictions in Canada must isolate for 14 days in one of four designated hotels in the south, while critical employees can apply to return right away. Anyone wishing to return must contact to make travel and isolation arrangements. As of today, 161 people have applied to return to Nunavut as critical workers, while 145 people have applied to return as residents. Health Minister George Hickes also urged Nunavummiut to be patient with civil servants helping them get home. (Photo by Emma Tranter)

By Emma Tranter

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