Arvaluk joins the Napster generation


The Government of Nunavut should provide community radio stations with free computers so volunteers could download pirated music off the Internet and play it on air, says James Arvaluk, MLA for Tunnuniq.

”The volunteers who go to the local radio station usually bring their own music and we know that going to we can download free music,” Arvaluk said in committee of the whole on Nov. 29, during a review of a capital appropriation act for the department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth.

“Would this department be able to consider getting computers for the local radio stations? The computers are not that expensive we would probably spend $26,000 to buy computers for each of the communities and they can download their own free music.

“I would like to have this considered the next time we are discussing Capital Estimates and the Appropriations Act.”

The legislature adjourned on Tuesday, December 5. The fourth session begins on March 6, 2007.

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