As of Tuesday, Nunavut has 23 active cases of COVID-19, all in the hard-hit community of Arviat. (File image)

Arviat sees 5 new COVID-19 cases

Government urges Arviammiut to limit contact with others

By Nunatsiaq News

Arviat continues to struggle with an outbreak of COVID-19 with the announcement of five new cases Tuesday.

That brings the total of active cases in the territory to 23, according to the Nunavut government. All of those cases are in Arviat.

All affected individuals are doing well and isolating at home, according to a news release.

The territory’s chief public health officer urged Arviat residents to stay home as much as possible to limit the disease’s spread.

“Please stay focused on the end goal, so this outbreak ends as quickly as possible,” Dr. Michael Patterson said in the release.

Travel to and from Arviat is restricted to emergency and essential purposes, according to the release, and anybody who has travelled to or from the community since Jan. 12 is asked to limit contact with others and self-monitor for symptoms.

Arviat has taken the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in the territory, with 279 of 323 total cases coming from there.

The Nunavut government also records one COVID-19-related death. That person is from Arviat.

Arviammiut who would like to receive the Moderna vaccine to protect against COVID-19 can call the health centre to make an appointment.

To date, 6,645 Nunavummiut have received the vaccine, according to the release.

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(14) Comments:

    • Posted by hermann kliest on

      Hey old guy, you re not immune to this disease, nobody is. It can reach you from anywhere, how about a little kindness eh? if not, how about a little understanding?

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      To the moderator,

      I have asked repeatedly that you do not post comments by this user under the “Old trapper” name as I have been posting to your site under “The Old Trapper ” name for well over a decade. After all if someone started posting under one of your reporters names you would likely disallow the post under that name.Thank you for your attention to this matter. You can always tell my posts as they all show the same email address.

      • Posted by No Moniker on

        I feel for you on this, Old Trapper. I have had this happen to me with this name, though it is much more nondescript than yours so it may not have been intentional. Either way I am not sure if this is a battle you can win… however, I do remember a time (you probably remember it too) when certain names were reserved and could only be used by the person who first claimed them. I’m not sure of that only applied to ‘real names’ or if they could be pseudonyms. If it offers any consolation it is very easy to tell the difference between you two.

        • Posted by The Old Trapper on

          No Moniker,
          Thank you for the support. I see that the moderator has changed the original comment post to just “trapper” instead of “old trapper”, so thank you to the Nunatsiaq News moderator for taking that action.
          I imagine that is the best that can be done under the circumstances.
          I would like to thank Nunatsiaq News for allowing comments, and for their work at moderating them. I imagine that it is not an easy job.
          On the subject of the story, I feel for the people of Arviat, thinking that the virus infection in the community has been stopped, only to have it rise up again like some demonic phoenix. I think that the federal government should be taking a close look at how the virus is acting in Arviat to better understand how it is passed from person to person.
          I am not a doctor or scientist but if this is the same virus from the original infection (and I assume that it is), then it would seem to be able to go through two, three, four asymptomatic people before infecting a person who develops symptoms. That does not bode well for eradicating the virus in the long term and the number of people who have been infected may be two, three, or four times as many people as shown on government statistics.

  1. Posted by Trinity on

    Stay home, social distance, wear masks, wash your hands often, don’t go visiting, don’t go play patik.
    It will be over if you follow the instructions by Dr.Patterson

  2. Posted by Paul on

    I have been hearing some are allowed to travel out of Arviat to visit other communities, even though they are not essential workers, how is this possible? Who approves them from leaving Arviat to visit while it’s supposed to be under quarantine?
    I hope the people that travel out for pleasure are tracked just in case they may be asymmetric, this just doesn’t make any sense, huge risk for others and the rest of Nunavut.

  3. Posted by Lynda on

    Double digit in a blink of an eye. I seriously hope they take this seriously and stop the spread of this virus. It’s taken much longer. Makes me wonder why it’s so hard for Arviat to do their part to preventing this, or is it the Government not doing their part?

    • Posted by John on

      Arviat needs to do it Rankin strong and Whale Cove strong, that’s how a community that does their part gets over Covid.

  4. Posted by RWS on

    The science on community transmission and school closings is now clear. Places where the schools are open actually have less community COVID-19 transmission than places where the schools are closed. Perhaps Arviat’s problem is that its school buildings have been sitting empty for so long.

  5. Posted by Old trapper on

    When will this madness end!!! I’m so depressed and dejected by the loss of life! I’m sorry for everyone who has lost!

  6. Posted by Quarantine on

    Maybe the GN should try something more such as use the hotels there to quarantine the infected for couple weeks, do some disinfection, maybe that would help get rid of the virus.

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