Baffinland and Government of Nunavut ink new agreement

Brian Penney, president and CEO of Baffinland Iron Mines, and David Akeeagok, Nunavut’s minister of economic development, sign an agreement on Tuesday, April 2, to work together to maximize Inuit employment at the Mary River mine. The memorandum of understanding, which is non-binding, calls for both parties to collaborate on four priorities: reducing barriers to unemployment, employment and training opportunities, community wellness programs and infrastructure and transportation. The agreement has been in the works for two years, said Akeeagok. (Photo by John Thompson)

By John Thompson

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  1. Posted by Kyle Kirby on

    Mr Penney can put his name on any agreement he likes. The truth is NOTHING gets in the way of production, so these agreements are nothing more than a PR stunt.

    • Posted by Simone on

      I agree with u 100% Kirby. And the 2 guys in pic know this too. They also know that they r simply taking part in a meaningless photo-op. Sad.

  2. Posted by Knockout Ned on

    2 years of work on a non-binding MOU?

    What a joke.

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