Beating up wives, not the “F-word,” is obscene


It amazes me that there is more attention given to the content that was quoted by the man who uttered those words, than his actions.

The most vulgar thing in the whole article was not the “F-word,” but rather the range of sentence faced by the man for committing such a crime. Once again leniency is taking precedence.

I suppose in a place such as Iqaluit, beating up women is not as vulgar or as shocking as swear words are.

This I find ironic, because anytime you go outside in Iqaluit, there is sure to be some child uttering those words. All you have to do is wait for the bars to close to hear the same words shouted in the streets.

Yet beating up the wives is done behind doors and acknowledged to be present but not quelled.

Read any article regarding domestic homicide and, frighteningly, you will read time and again the same events in the exact sequence as was written in the newspaper. Domestic violence always starts the same way, and escalates, until one day the woman is dead.

If “disciplining” women is part of our culture and does not change or move on, then our culture will die, or worse, have no heart.

Remember how some of the Arab nations view their women as having little or no value. We must provide a better future for our daughters and any female relatives, or as the homophobic society will discover: women will be few, or even worse for the bigots, they will marry white people.

Tolerance it seems is geared toward only abusive people, anything else is considered “vulgar.”

Mekai Ootova
Grand Forks, B.C.

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