Beer and soup don’t mix: City

“What’s next? Beer gardens for day care?”



A soup kitchen benefit called “Foodstock,” to be held this weekend by Wizard’s, an Iqaluit restaurant, will be a dry event despite pleas from organizers at the July 19 meeting of Iqaluit City Council.

Donna Waters, an owner of Wizard’s, argued that allowing booze to be sold in a beer garden at the outdoor concert would greatly increase the amount of money raised for the soup kitchen, but she received a chilly response from city councillors.

“What’s next? Beer gardens for day care?” Coun. Glenn Williams asked, saying he’s troubled by the idea of mixing alcohol with charity, given the amount of substance abuse in the community. “I’ve seen the evolution of it, and I can’t support it.”

The outdoor concert is to be held July 23 from 2:00 p.m. until midnight, at the parking lot serving the Nova office building where Wizard’s is located.

Earlier this summer the slow-pitch softball league held a beer garden along with their event. Afterwards the softball league approached the city with a similar request and were turned down.

Iqaluit Mayor Elisapee Sheutiapik suggested that, ironically, the beer garden might be a big draw for the same low-income people who depend on the soup bank, but that is no reason to support the idea.

“I think many of them would be at the beer garden…,” Sheutiapik said.

Coun. Brad Hall was alone in supporting the idea, provided drinkers were cut off at 11 p.m., an hour before the event closes, out of courtesy to residents who live nearby.

But without a seconder to back him, his motion foundered.

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