Bennett stops in Iqaluit to lend support to Pizzo-Lyall

Carolyn Bennett, member of Parliament for Toronto-St. Paul’s, makes a campaign stop in Iqaluit at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum on Saturday, Oct. 12, to promote the Liberals’ platform for Inuit Nunangat, including a framework for repatriating Inuit cultural property and ancestral remains. Bennett and Megan Pizzo-Lyall, Nunavut’s Liberal candidate, are campaigning this weekend in the city. “Families are important to me. And that means shelter, food, water…. It’s not just one thing that I’m looking to fix. So in terms of that, I really truly believe that with more housing and increased units across the territory, then that leads to less health issues that leads to better mental health,” Pizzo-Lyall said. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Dustin Patar

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  1. Posted by Colin on

    Reality check ???

    In March 2016 there was a house fire in the Indigenous community of Pikangikum that killed three children and five adults. The broken-down shack had no fire alarms and the community had no working fire truck

    At the time Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said the deaths underscore the need to improve living conditions on reserves. “We are with them,” she said. “My job always is to do everything in our power to prevent the preventable.” She added, with all the capacity for urgency at her command, “We are in the process of beginning that, one step at a time.”

    Fortunately this kind of tragedy is unlikely to happen again. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now made it possible for Minister Bennett to meet his commitment to close the gap between Indigenous peoples and his much-vaunted Middle Class. Now every Indigenous family, including every family in Nunavut, has housing as good as anyone in Canada.

    Or do they?

    • Posted by Tulugak on

      Quite sarcastic but it sounds like what Liberal politicians are saying! They made lots of promises that they broke, in particular for Indigenous people. They had 4 years to change things but nothing really changed. The straw that broke the camel’s back for many families is the application for judicial review of the Human Rights Tribunal’s decision allocating indemnity for Indigenous children that had been disadvantaged by the federal government for many years. It’s so deplorable but shows that Liberals speak with a forked tongue!

  2. Posted by Hard Pass on

    Yeah, no. Pipelines? Ineffective climate change plan? Inadequate investment in housing in Nunavut? These visits from Liberal ministers start to sound pretty empty after a while.
    Vote for somebody different.

  3. Posted by Voter on

    My vote is for the Liberal! They have spent more money in 4 years on indigenous communities then the previous party did in their 10 years.
    Instead of cutting and outlandish promises I am sticking to realistic plans and moving forward.

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