Big haul at Kuujjuaq’s berry-picking and suvalik-mixing events

Sylvia Labranche of Kuujjuaq and her son Tyson make suvalik after spending the day picking berries on Sept. 12. Suvalik is sometimes described as an Inuit fruit salad, made from a mayonaise-like emulsion of fish eggs and oil, with fresh berries added later. Tyson won a total of $450 that day during competitions organized by the local recreation committee. He won $200 by placing first in his age category for picking blackberries, with a haul of 5.9 pounds, and $100 for third place picking blueberries, with half a pound. He later won another $150 for placing second in the suvalik-making contest. “Not bad for a day out with his mom,” writes photographer Isabelle Dubois. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

By Nunatsiaq News

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