Cambridge Bay’s Elks Lodge summoned to liquor licensing board hearing

Allegations date from mid-October inspection

Cambridge Bay’s Elks Lodge faces three allegations of infractions under the Nunavut Liquor Act. (Photo by Jane George)

By Jane George

Representatives of the Ikalututiak Elks Lodge 593 in Cambridge Bay are to appear before a hearing of the Nunavut Liquor Licensing Board in Iqaluit in early 2020 to face allegations that they breached the Liquor Act.

A Government of Nunavut liquor inspector noted the alleged infractions during a spot check in October, according to someone with knowledge of the matter who wasn’t authorized to speak.

One of the allegations is a charge of impeding a liquor inspector, an infraction that could carry a heavy fine.

During the spot-check at the Elks clubhouse, the inspector entered the premises, but, according to the allegations, was refused access to the liquor door leading to where permitted bottles are stored.

As well, the inspector noted that the Elks’ liquor dispenser did not conform to standards.

The Finance Department, which oversees Nunavut liquor sales and licensing, did not provide other details of the allegations or any possible penalties if the allegations are proven.

The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 16, in the large boardroom at the Parnaivik building in Iqaluit.

A spokesperson for the Finance Department confirmed the hearing would take place on that date, “if it isn’t adjourned.”

At the hearing, the Nunavut liquor enforcement unit will act as the prosecutor, represented by a lawyer from the Department of Justice, while the board will act as judge.

Based on the evidence presented, the board will decide whether the licence holder is responsible for the infractions, and if so, what an appropriate penalty should be.

The liquor board has the authority under the Liquor Act to suspend liquor licences for periods as long as 12 months.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    I’m surprised it took this long to surface. how long have they been flying under the radar?

    what about all the trucks that are parked outside from people driving there on dart night, wing night, opening night and Saturdays?

    do they allow the patrons to drive home after serving them? do they ensure they have designated drivers or leave the keys?

    yeah yeah, do they do that down south? but this is our Community. surely you are concerned about drinking and driving and how to prevent it in our small Communities. how would you feel if you were bumped or your Family bumped from a drunk driver who just came from Elks?

  2. Posted by Member on

    Elks in cambridge bay needs to be monitored and it’s a good thing. Hamlet council member/others abuse the system after hours.

  3. Posted by Big doo doo on

    This sounds really serious. Will be following this.

  4. Posted by Jones on

    Quit picking on Elks. They provide a booze outlet for CB. If licence suspended where single/married people go for drinks & pick-up place. Be back to house party days👍

  5. Posted by Camera on

    Yes the elks provide a booze outlet for CB. Does it mean these certain alcoholics get to abuse the system at any given time of the day or night. Time for close residents by elks to monitor and rcmp..

  6. Posted by Eskimo Joe on

    Sounds like their only real infraction with the given information was not letting the inspector inspect their booze stash.
    Where is the liquor store everyone voted for?

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